Windows Phone 7…Yeah, I like it

Let me start by saying that my work-provided cell phone is an iPhone 4 (previously an iPhone 3G) that I love and use every day (except for AT&T service in some areas or lack thereof). I will also upgrade to the latest iPhone when it comes available. That being said, I decided to take a closer look at Windows Phone 7 when it was time to upgrade my personal cell phone (plus, it would be a little weird having 2 iPhones to carry around everyday). Plus, it’s good for business if I’m familiar with a variety technology other than what is popular 😉

iPhone 4 (left) next to HTC Trophy (right)

My cell phone provider is Verizon. Unfortunately, they only provide the HTC Trophy as of this writing as their sole choice for a device that runs Windows Phone 7. I’m not going to go into a long, detailed review of the phone because there are enough online already, but I will say that I love this phone!

I personally found Windows Phone 7 much easier to navigate and respond faster in some areas than the iPhone. Unfortunately, the biggest downside of Windows Phone 7 is the biggest appeal of the iPhone: apps. Windows Phone 7 has them but not on the same level or variety as iOS or Android.  In my case, I literally have downloaded hundreds of apps for my iPhone over the years. Realistically, I only use 5-10 regularly so apps are not the top priority for me with this phone. Some people feel the same way.  On the other hand, if you are a heavy app user or have need for some specific apps, you may want to look the iPhone or one of the millions of Android phones on the market. Microsoft needs to make a big push to get app developers on-board if they want to get Windows Phone 7 to appeal to the heavy app users looking for a new phone.

One thing that I really had to tweak to get working on the HTC Trophy was my calendar. My calendar is located locally on my Mac Mini desktop, which I use iCloud to sync with my iPad. I also use a program called BusySync to sync my calendar with Google Calendar (BusySync was the best option before it was built into OS X). Events in my Google Calendar would not sync with the phone. What I ended up having to do was to subscribe to my Google Calendars in Windows Live Calendar in order to get them to access on the HTC Trophy. Works beautifully now.

Overall, I have enjoyed using both the HTC Trophy and Windows Phone 7 over the past few weeks. Windows Phone 7 is simple and easy to use. It’s actually a phone first and I think it can meet the needs of most people who want a phone that can do a little extra along with making calls especially if apps aren’t that important to them.

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