Windows 8: The Windows Key

Windows 8 is right around the corner. Contray to what many believe, the Metro UI is not that hard to navigate without a touchscreen especially using the Windows key. Here are several hot keys (keyboard shortcuts) associated with the Windows key that can come in handy while working your way around Windows 8:

Windows Key + = – Opens Magnifier
Windows Key + Tab – Open the Switch List
Windows Key + C – Opens the Charms Bar
Windows Key + F – Open File search
Windows Key + W – Opens Settings search
Windows Key + K – Open Connect Charm
Windows Key + H – Open Share Charm
Windows Key + Z – Open App Bar
Windows Key + I – Opens the Settings menu
Windows Key + X – Open Systems Utility Settings menu
Windows Key + T – Opens Desktop Mode and cycles through any open windows on taskbar
Windows Key + M – Opens Desktop and minimizes all applications
Windows Key + Q – Opens Search in Metro
Windows Key + O – Lock device orientation (for tablets)
Windows Key + R – Switches to Desktop Mode and opens Run
Windows Key + B – Goes back to Desktop Mode
Windows Key + L – Locks the computer screen
Windows Key + E – Opens Windows Explorer
Windows Key + Enter – Opens Narrator
Windows Key + Print Screen – Takes a screenshot and saves as *PNG file in Picture Library
Windows Key + Page Up – Moves open app or Start screen to a connected monitor to the left
Windows Key + Page Down – Moves open app or Start screen to a connected monitor to the right

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