Windows 8 Consumer Preview

The Windows 8 Consumer Preview was released yesterday and of course I jumped at updating my Dell Inspiron Duo to it from the Developer Preview.

My initial impressions? Microsoft has a winner on it’s hands IF it doesn’t drop the ball.

As expected from my experience using the Developer Preview, you really need a computer with touch-screen capabilities to get the full experience that Windows 8 has to offer. That is the cool thing about the Dell Inspiron Duo is that it operates both as a traditional laptop and as a tablet. Even if you don’t have a computer with a touch-screen, Windows 8 is still very easy to navigate once you familiarize yourself with the Metro UI.

It’s been a LONG time since I have been this excited about using a Windows operating system instead of OS X. As I play around with it some more, I’ll continue to post comments on some of it’s features.

Read more about it: Introducing Windows 8 Consumer Preview

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