Windows 8: A tempting switch

Last week, Apple announced the new, MacBook Pro with Retina Display at WWDC and this week Microsoft announced their new Surface tablet. Guess which one I am more excited about and will spend my hard earned money on? The Microsoft Surface. People and critics can say what they will about how Microsoft is copying Apple’s iPad and how they are late to the mobile game, but in my opinion, with the upcoming releases of Windows 8 and devices running it, Microsoft can be considered fashionably late.

Let’s take a trip back in time to around 2005/2006. I was at a point that I was getting tired of Windows XP. It was bland. There was nothing new in terms of Windows technology to get excited about. Enter Apple. They were moving from PowerPC chips to Intel and made some vast improvements to OS X. It was cool. I made the switch. Bought my first Apple computer. A white MacBook. Even though I had continued hardware issues with it, I loved it. Soon after, Microsoft released Windows Vista. A complete disaster (but one has to admit Vista performs much better now with all the service packs and updates). More people were starting to switch from Windows to OS X.

Now back to the present. The same reason that I switched from XP to OS X is why I am taking a closer look at Windows 8. Microsoft is taking a big chance with with their upcoming Windows release. Having used Windows 8 since the Developer’s Preview and I can say that this will not be just another new version of Windows. Microsoft is making a truly consumer-oriented product. Microsoft’s goal is to provide a great experience across multiple devices: computer, tablet, smartphone and even Xbox. They are on the right track to achieving that goal.

Don’t get me wrong, Apple produces cool HARDWARE, but when was the last time you got really excited about OS X? Yes, OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion will be released soon, but from my experience using it, the changes seem to be more cosmetic and less innovative. Imagine what a new Corvette would be like with a simple 4-cylinder engine. Looks good. Boring performance.

Windows 8 is generating the buzz and chances are it will live up to that buzz when it is released. I am looking forward to getting a Windows 8 tablet as well as installing it on my current computers to see how it fits into my home technology ecosystem. Who knows, it may become my primary OS of choice…at least until Ubuntu 13.04 catches my eye.


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