What I Use: urBeats earphones

Working on a university campus, I see students everyday with all the different flavors of Beats by Dr. Dre headphones. However, I have been skeptical on buying a Beats product because I thought I would be buying just a name. Plus, they are pretty expense for headphones. After going through another pair of cheap in-ear headphones, I decided to bite the bullet and bought a pair of urBeats in-ear headphones from Target. I have to admit that after a few hours of use, I am pleasantly surprised by how good they are compared to other earphones I have used including the ones from Apple.
Normally, I would buy “birdy” earphones. You know the ones that you find at Walmart for under $20 (cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap…get it). If I lose them or they tear up (fraying or breaking), no big deal because I would just go buy another cheap pair. At $100, not only are the urBeats  more durability than the cheap earphones I would regularly buy but they also provide better sound. The sound quality was clean and crisp as I listened to several songs from Prince, Fourplay, Ice Cube, 2 Live Crew and Luther Vandross. The bass was deep but not overly exaggerated. Best of all, they fit comfortably in my ear without falling out.
I was also surprised at the attention to detail with the packaging of the urBeats earphones. Cheap earphones were packed in a generic, sometimes hard to open plastic container about the size of a candy bar. The packaging for the urBeats was almost Apple-like. Not only do you get the urBeats earphones, there is also a nice, equally durable storage pouch and four pairs of additional ear tip fittings. You don’t get that with the cheap earphones you buy at Walmart.
So far, I have been pretty impressed by the quality of the urBeats earphones. Only long-term regular use of the urBeats will determine the overall durability of them. Based on my initial use I would still recommend them for anyone looking for a new pair of earphones and don’t mind paying $100 for them.

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