What I Use On The Go

As I sit at home because of inclement weather (who doesn’t love snow days), I decided to write an article that details the technology and services I use on a day-to-day basis. Not too long ago, I used to be the guy who carried around an abundant amount of gear everyday just to be prepared for anything. Toolkits, cables, adapters: you name it and I pretty much had it in my bag. This past year, I have learned to trim down the load of stuff that I carry around each day to just the stuff that I actually needed. Without further ado, here are the essential things found in my bag.

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 (with Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition)
Google Nexus 7 (2013)
Smartphone (Verizon)
Samsung Galaxy S4
Mobile Broadband
External Storage 
Backup Power
Note Taking
Other Services & Products I Use
  • Web Browser: Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 11
  • Productivity: Office 365 Home Premium
  • Note Taking: Evernote Premium
  • Cloud Storage: SkyDrive
  • Password Management: Last Pass Premium
  • Music: Spotify Premium and Amazon Cloud Player
  • Messaging: Skype
  • Twitter: Tweetium and Tweetro+(Windows), Tweedle & Tweetcaster Pro (Android)

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