What I Use: Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse

Let me start by saying that the new Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse is not revolutionary. It’s a mouse. Point and click. Simple design with basic functions. I usually don’t get too impressed with mice, but this mouse sparked my curiosity. It is extremely compact but useable. The Wedge Touch Mouse connects to you computer using Bluetooth so there is no need for an USB transceiver (unless your laptop does not have built-in Bluetooth). It has a touch-sensitive surface which allows you to scroll up and down and uses Microsoft’s BlueTrack technology that allows it to work on virtually any surface such as wood, carpet, metal and even glass. Did I mention that it is ultra-compact? An added plus is that it works on Android tablets as well.

One cool thing is about the mouse’s design is the battery compartment. There is a switch on the bottom that activates a quick-sliding mechanism that opens one side of the wedge to insert a single AA battery (which is included). You can’t latch it again unless the battery is inserted in the right direction.

Explorer Touch Mouse next to Wedge Touch

One thing to keep in mind about the Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse is it’s compact size. While the size is great in terms of portability, it’s ergonomic design is not the best available. It isn’t comfortable to use if you have large hands. The smaller size may force users to cup their hand more tightly around the mouse. The Wedge Touch Mouse is definitely not meant to be a replacement for a regular desktop mouse.

The Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse is a great choice for those looking for a simple, easy to use mouse for travel. The only other mouse that I would recommend for people who travel a lot is the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse (unfortunately it requires a USB transceiver). The Wedge Touch will be the mouse that you want to have in your bag as a compliment to an Ultrabook or tablet running Windows 8.

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