What I Use: Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard

After buying the Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse, I decided to get the Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard as well. The decision was easy since I got a new bag recently and my old portable keyboard would not fit in it. The Wedge Mobile Keyboard fit perfectly.
The Microsoft Wedge Mobile keyboard is made for mobility. It smaller than most mobile keyboards, but has a very solid feel to it. The look and feel of the keys is reminiscent of netbook keyboards, but much more comfortable to use. I was actually impressed by how solid the keyboard felt. It’s not plastic. It connects to your device via Bluetooth and requires two AAA batteries (which are included). Because it is Bluetooth, it can be paired with any tablet, even iPads and Android-powered mobile devices.
Even though the Wedge Mobile Keyboard will work with any Bluetooth tablet, Microsoft designed it specifically for use with tablets running Windows 8 and Windows RT devices, such as the Surface. The keyboard has several hot keys specific to Windows 8/RT. It also has built-in media keys, making it easy to control music and videos.
The cover is made of a flexible, grippy rubber that allows it to double as a tablet stand. Cool! The cover’s design is so simple that it will work with any tablet in portrait or landscape mode. An added plus is when you put it over the keys, it turns the keyboard off to conserve battery life. Cool!
The Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard is the idea travel companion for anyone needing a keyboard to use with their mobile device. It’s very well made and beautifully designed. While it’s more expensive than most portable keyboards, the price is well worth it if you are in the market for something ultra-compact and simple to throw in your bag with your tablet.

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