What I Use: 32GB Wifi iPad 2

Picked up a 32GB wifi iPad 2 today. Yes, you read correctly, an iPad 2. As I mentioned in a previous post, while the new iPad was nice, for what I would be using it for on a daily basis, I could get by with an iPad 2.

The iPad 2 is much snappier than my 1st generation iPad and a bit lighter to handle. The Smart Cover is amazing yet simple. A worthwhile upgrade in my opinion. Another plus for me was that upgrading also gave me the opportunity to organize my apps. You never realize how many apps you download until you start installing everything again.

My personal recommendation is if you have an original iPad and want to upgrade, now is the time. Determine your needs and then decide which model best suits you. If you already have an iPad 2, you can wait on upgrading to the new iPad (unless you have money burning your pockets and you can’t resists).

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