Tech Tip: Shortcut to Updating Google Nexus 7 to Android 4.2

If you are a Google Nexus 7 owner like me, you were excited to find out that Android 4.2 is now officially available as an OTA (Over The Air) update direct from Google. Although OTA updates are very convenient, the downside is that they don’t immediately show up when you check for Software Updates on your device. The last update, 4.1.2, did not show up on my device until two days later. if you didn’t know, geeks can be a bit impatient.

With the help of The Verge, I found a quicker, less risky way to manually update my Nexus 7.

Go into your Apps and select Settings.
Turn off Wi-Fi.
Still in Settings, go under the Device heading, select Apps and then under the All column, select Google Services Framework.
Tap Clear data and then tap Force Stop. (Note: You may have to tap Clear cache too if that is an option on your screen).
When you go back out to the main Settings page, turn on Wi-Fi.
Scroll down to the System heading and select About tablet.
Select System Updates.
You should now been given the option to download the update.
Once it finishes, your device should be updated to Android version 4.2 (build number JOP40C).

Yes, there are other, more “geeky” ways to manually update your Nexus 7, but I like easy.

The new features in Android 4.2 are detailed here.

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