PlayStation 4: Two Weeks Later

So I have had a couple of weeks to really use the PS4 and get a feel of how it works. I can honestly say that during my time with it, I still think it is a great gaming console. The new UI is much more intuitive because of its simpler and cleaner look. Furthermore, the ability to multitask makes a huge difference when you compare the PS4 to the last generation of consoles. I also love the fact that system/game/app updates download in the background. No more waiting for updates to download and install before doing anything on the console.
I even purchased the PlayStation Camera that provides visual and voice recognition. While not as robust as the Kinect, I found that the voice controls are actually pretty good. I didn’t have to yell or repeat a command. The PS4 does not ship with the camera and outside of the Playroom there’s not much use for the camera unless you really, really want the voice controls. Hopefully, Sony will expand on this down the road.
In a nutshell, I love the simplicity of the PS4. Is the PS4 perfect? No. The launch titles were decent but none are really must have, must play games. There are apps for media services that are currently available on the PS3, such as Neon Alley, Cinema Now, and You Tube, that aren’t available for the PS4 yet. I still would recommend the PS4 for anyone looking for a gaming console that can also occasionally access popular media services such as Netflix and Hulu.

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