No more Netflix for me

I’m gonna do something that I thought I wouldn’t do. Cancel my Netflix account. Why? Because I realize that I don’t need it anymore. Long story short, when Neflix changed the the price of their plans last year, I moved from 2 DVDs at a time and unlimited streaming to one DVD with unlimited streaming. A few months later DISH Network announced Blockbuster Movie Pass to existing Dish Network customers. I immediately canceled the DVD option with Netflix and switched to the Dish/Blockbuster option.

I soon realized something. I really didn’t do a lot of streaming from Netflix. Actually, the whole time that I had been a Netflix member, since 2009, I might have streamed 5 or 6 movies. Everything I watched was on DVD because there was nothing in their streaming library that I wanted to watch. So why was I paying for a service that I was not fully utilizing?

Reality is that I still watch DVDs. My family and I don’t go to the movies often (maybe 4 or 5 times a year) so we watch the latest movies when they become available on DVD. As a Dish Network subscriber, it was a no-brainer to switch from Netflix to Blockbuster Movie Pass to fulfill my need for the latest DVDs (plus there are other perks available to Dish customers).

There are times that we do need to stream TV shows or movies that we want to watch. If I want to stream a recently released movie, the Vudu service is great and I subscribe to Hulu+ for the TV shows that we want to watch. The best thing is that, just like Netflix,  Hulu+ and Vudu are both available on multiple devices such as our Xbox 360 and the Sony Blu-Ray player in our house. Granted, not as many devices as Netflix, but the ones that I use regularly. Again, why do I need Netflix?

All things said, while Netflix is no longer a good service for me, it still meets the needs of many other people. It just doesn’t do it for me anymore.

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