My first impressions of OS X Mountain Lion

Finally downloaded and installed OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 yesterday. My initial impression is that it is okay. Nothing special, just okay. Reminds me of the Windows XP Service Packs that basically added new functionality to the OS. Yes, I know that there are changes and improvements under the hood (200+ new features), but Mountain Lion feels just like a refresh of OS X Lion to me.

In a sense, it feels like a morning-after letdown. It’s like meeting someone at a bar while wearing beer goggles and having a one-night stand only to wake up the next morning realizing it was nothing special especially after you see things clearly. Did you have a good time? Yes, but you quickly realize that it is what is it. Nothing more. That’s Mountain Lion.

Don’t get me wrong, Mountain Lion is not bad. Air Play mirroring and the Notification Center are among some of the nice touches added to the OS. I would recommend users to upgrade, but not to expect anything “magical”. Apple is continuing to integrate features of iOS into OS X, which is a good thing for Mac/iPad/iPhone users. Unfortunately, there just isn’t a “wow” factor with this release. Only time will tell what Apple has up it’s sleeve for OS X 10.9 or OS X 11.

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