About Me

I'm an IT professional who has served in roles from desktop support technician to systems administrator to instructor for more than a decade. No matter the role, I strive to help people solve technical problems and making the most of essential and emerging technology. 

As an instructor and the "Chief Tech Guy" for my family and friends, I have to stay on top of the latest tech trends not only for my own personal enjoyment but also to continue to be a well-trusted and well-respected resource on technology.
Over the years, I have recognized that most people are genuinely interested in technology, but are intimidated by it. The technology landscape is always changing and there are so many choices. This is what makes technology so frustrating for many people. My mission is to use my passion for technology to help those who want to take full advantage of everything that everyday technology has to offer. 

Everyone talks about gadgets and apps. As geeks, we sometimes forget that the average person views technology only as a tool to accomplish a task. My primary goal is to talk about technology in simple terms that the average person can easily understand. Once people understand the technology they are trying to use, it can make their digital lifestyle easy, more reliable and stress-free.

Professional credentials: